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Steelforce wants to be your reference in the international trade of steel in a respectful, customer/supplier focused and effective way.



Steelforce connects steel, people and processes in a client-focussed and controlled business environment. Our experience, dedicated people and drive to become the standard of excellence enables us to offer the best in steel services.


This way we want to play a vital role in the world of steel services being in the market on a permanent basis with the necessary volume but always trading in a respectful, client/supplier focused and effective way.

To achieve this, we use our broad and premium network to connect suppliers, (financial) partners and customers all over the world. And with our in-depth product and market knowledge, we control every link in the chain, aiming at developing and maintaining long term relationships with our stakeholders.

As a result, Steelforce provides outstanding and reliable services in steel trading, logistics, document facilitation and trade financing.

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