Why join Steelforce?

Three good reasons to join Steelforce


Steelforce is a dynamic, financially sound company in full expansion where personal development and growth are considered to be the pillars of its HR strategy.



 At Steelforce, the majority of the staff is young. The average age is 35. And they are a dynamic force. Not because they must but because it is our way of being. The Steelforce team is active, easygoing and its spirit is built on a flat corporate structure.

During the day we concentrate on buying and selling steel on a global level. This means we have a lot of contact with people from all over the world. When you arrive in the morning a mail from China may be waiting in your inbox and the last thing you do before you go home, might be to answer a call from Brazil... Steel trading is an interesting and complex sector, a world that evolves continuously and which needs all our attention and craft to stay ahead.

We're also active after-hours: with yearly parties, birthday parties, BBQs, teambuilding activities, ...


Financially sound


Steelforce's own capital is valued at more than 35 million euro. As a trader, we also dispose of important credit lines with large national and international banks that support our growth model. Our supplier and customer portfolios are diversified and global. On a yearly basis, our capital and our financial means continue to grow to fuel our future.


In full expansion

Our consolidated turnover is above euro 1 billion. The network of foreign subsidiaries, representative offices and agents is growing at a rapid pace. As far as the number of staff is concerned, we have multiplied by 10 our number over 20 years to almost 200 thoughout the world and this with a low staff turnover. If you're looking for job challenges as well as job stability, then Steelforce is the place to be!

Meet your future colleagues and find out what they have to say about their job.

Veerle Janssens
Office Manager
Fabienne Verreth
Head of Shipping Americas