Expono Steelforce a.s.

Mlýnská 2353/12
702 00 Ostrava-Moravská Ostrava, Czech Republic

EXPONO Steelforce, a.s. is a leading supplier of metallurgical materials especially flat and long products. Our warehousing, distribution and logistics in Adamov, close to Brno in Czech Republic has an area of 16 000 m² and can store up to 15 000 tons of material. We have the latest technology for the main types of cutting plates and sheets like oxy, plasma and laser. The ranging in thickness from 1 to 500 mm. Further processing like bending, drilling and welding can also be provided within our infrastructure.

Expono SF (CZ)
Tel: +420 597 587 001
Fax: +420 597 587 099
Web: http://www.expono.cz/en/

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Steelforce can be sent to us on the
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Lange Klarenstraat 16-20
2000 Antwerp


Tel: +32 3 224 10 80
Fax: +32 3 224 10 83

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