Friday 02.00 pm
1 week later
Friday 9.00 am
Tim gets validation that the loading is complete. He finalizes his documents and sends them for signature to the commercial director. He requests a rapid return, so that he can hand them over to the bank that same day. He also sends shipping confirmation, a copy of the bill of lading and the invoice to the client.
Julie calls the bank and receives confirmation that the documents were found to be in order. She informs Frank at the financial department.
As the letter of credit is payable 90 days from the date of shipment, Alison agrees with her bankers to have the documents discounted. SHe informs John about this agreement. The order is now considered as fully executed and in order.

Finding the best financial solution


The management of financial risk is the key to our succes. We have a dedicated team who set up the best financial structure for each transaction taking into account the needs of both the producer and buyer. Our administrators will check the company’s rating, the facilities for the buyer, the rating of the buyer’s bank and any other risks involved.


Our longstanding relationships with all the major banks and financial institutions in Belgium and abroad ensure a strong financial position. Our trade finance team is enabling us to move over €1 billion turnover divided over transactions going also through complex financial systems. We remain innovative not only on steel supply, but in trade related solutions.

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