Trade financing

Seeking the best financial solution

Careful monitoring of financial risk is crucial to our success. To this end, we have a specific team available with solid prior experience in international banking. They are dedicated to determining the best financial structure for each transaction, with special consideration for the needs of both the producer and the buyer. Our compliance and risk analysts assess and manage any risk involved. This awareness of potential risk as well as creative, out-of-the-box thinking, allows our compliance and risk analysts to come up with workable solutions.

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We have acquired a strong financial position thanks to our long-established connections with premier Belgian & international banks and major insurance companies. This enables us to cover payment risk and other risks related to international trade.

Thanks to the solution-driven approach of our finance team, Steelforce manages to generate a turnover of over €2 billion per year in transactions through various financial systems. Our professional expertise is therefore not limited to steel supply, but also extends to finding the best financial solutions.

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